How Solar Roof Vents Help Cool Your Home

One of the best ways to keep your home cool this summer is to add a solar powered rooftop ventilation fan. Solar roof vents will draw heat from the roof space which will help to keep your living spaces much cooler and reduce the cost of running air conditioning.

The temperatures in your roof cavity can reach between 50 to 70°C during an Australia summer. This heat is transferred to the ceiling in the home,  impacting living spaces. The best way to reduce these high temperatures is to install a MaxBreeze Solar Roof Fan.

How Does A MaxBreeze Solar Roof Vent Work?

The MaxBreeze is a new generation rooftop ventilation system that replaces the traditional wind driven (whirly-bird) vents. It works like a whirly-bird by removing heat and stale air however it operates using solar as the power source.

The compact MaxBreeze has a solar panel that generates, clean free electricity when the sun is shining. This power is used to run a brushless DC electric motor that is connected to the extraction fan.

The smart, efficient MaxBreeze is thermostat controlled. When the roof cavity heats up to about 30°C, the thermostat turns on the MaxBreeze allowing the fan to extract the warm air.

Just one MaxBreeze has been proven to replace 6-8 whirly-birds – making for a much cheaper and simpler installation, with more impressive outcomes.

Key Features Of The MaxBreeze Solar Powered Roof Fan

By removing the hot air MaxBreeze keeps your roof space cooler. This results in a more comfortable home and reduces the load on the air-conditioner to help save on power costs.

Moves Air Efficiently

MaxBreeze has been proven to move over 20 times more air than traditional whirly-birds.

Saves On Energy Costs

Roof cavities can get extremely hot during the day making living spaces expensive to cool. MaxBreeze works effectively during the day to make your living spaces comfortable and reduce your air conditioning costs.

Reduces The Risk Of Moisture To Prevent Mould

The MaxBreeze ensures that air is continuously and efficiently circulating through the home reducing the condensation to help prevent mould.

Turns On And Off Automatically

MaxBreeaze uses a smart thermostat to turn the unit on when the heat builds up inside the roof cavity. It turns itself off after removing the heat. Unlike the old fashion whirley birds on a cold day, the MaxBreeze will not turn on. This keeps the warm air inside your roof cavity to help warm your home.

Made For Harsh Australian Conditions

MaxBreeze has been designed and tested in our harsh Australia conditions. On a stifling hot summer day with no breeze, the MaxBreeze will work quietly and efficiently to extract the hot air from the roof cavity helping to cool your home.

Australian Designed And Owned.

Can Solar Roof Vents Work At Night?

Standard solar roof vents can only operate when the sun is shining. However, there are MaxBreeze models that can operate night.

The MB400 Zephyr is a model that can run at night. During the day when the sun is shining the units works like a standard solar roof vent removing the hot air.

However, it features a second solar panel with a built-in battery. During the day the sun charges this battery. At night the battery powers the MaxBreeze solar roof vent, allowing the fan to continue cooling the roof cavity.

There are also models available that can be plugged into a power point to provide power to run the fan at night.


Australian summers produce some of the most hot and harsh conditions and home-owners want to make their homes as comfortable as possible.

With power companies forecasting a 35% rise in power prices over the next year, this means running air-conditioners will become more expensive. The MaxBreeze solar roof fan is an easy, cost-effective solution to help make your living spaces cooler.

It helps reduces the workload on the air conditioner on hot days by removing hot air from the roof cavity. It has the added benefit of helping protect your home from moisture build up in the roof.

Let the free power of the sun do the work for you while you become more energy independent

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